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Health Compliance Solution | March Networks

Keep your employees and customers healthy and safe

Due to COVID-19, businesses are adjusting their business practices to meet new health and safety regulations.

Health Compliance Solution (PDF)

The March Networks Health Compliance Solution delivers a suite of new features to help banks, retailers, restaurants, schools and other businesses monitor and measure occupancy in real-time, rapidly detect individuals who may have an elevated body temperature, and ensure compliance with new cleaning and sanitization procedures.

As businesses reopen, business owners need to create an environment that is safe for all occupants, while still delivering exemplary customer service.

The Health Compliance Solution from March Networks® delivers real-time alerts — complete with video — about site occupancy, elevated body temperatures, and compliance to health and safety policies (like safe hand washing practices), at all of your locations.

Health Compliance Solution Brochure


Get real-time visual alerts on building occupancy, elevated body temperatures and health and safety procedures
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*For thermal imaging camera technology to be effective at elevated body temperature detection, it must be deployed in specific conditions and processes.
We recommend customers consult the FDA’s guidelines for the greatest accuracy with these devices.

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