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Calispa Case Studies

EMCS is one of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres.
In this video they discuss how Calipsa has transformed their video monitoring efficiency, allowing them to grow their business.




Securitas UK

Securitas is one of the largest providers of security services in the world. With a presence in markets across the globe, Securitas successfully integrates technology, people and knowledge to offer protective services to customers in a variety of industries and customer segments.

Securitas UK is responsible for the monitoring of tens of thousands of system signals every day.

Their state-of-the-art Securitas Operations Centre (SOC) was the UK's first centre to receive European accreditation and boasts the industry leading NSI Gold Standard.
Featuring an alarm centre, Remote Video Solutions (RVS), remote access control and operations support, the SOC is at the heart of its customers’ security needs.

Discover how Securitas UK implemented Calipsa's one-click Immix integration to achieve 89.8% total video alarm reduction in the Securitas Operations Centre.

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"With Calipsa and Immix, I believe we are working with a game changing solution." Omar Abu-Rish - Securitas Operations Centre Manager

Cava Security Services

Find out why Cava Security Services decided to work with Calipsa's False Alarm Filtering Platform to reduce the number of false activations being received by their control room. 

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"I believe bringing Calipsa and Immix into our operations is the best thing we’ve done in the control room." Theo Cridge - Operations Supervisor

Elite Interactive Solutions

Explore why Elite Interactive Solutions, leader in the Remote Guarding and Monitoring Industry, decided to partner with Calipsa to tackle false positives.

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“With Calipsa, we will be able to go even further with the reduction of false positives.” Aria Kozak - President and CEO

Acadian Monitoring Services

Find out how Calipsa have been working with Acadian Monitoring Services to help to tackle their nuisance alarm problem and reduce their false alarms by over 75%.

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“We've had great success using Calipsa and they have been great to work with and incredibly supportive.” Brandon Niles - Director of Operations


Discover how SecuriPlex have been using Calipsa via Sentinel, their monitoring platform, to achieve 25% total alarm reduction YOY and 50% business growth.

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“Calipsa is the best investment we have ever made.” Daniel Tolliver - Monitoring Centre Manager

FLR Fire and Security

Find out Calipsa have helped FLR Fire and Security, part of FLR Spectron Ltd, to surpass their response time SLAs through a 60% reduction in false alarms.

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“Calipsa have provided us with a robust solution which we have found highly beneficial.” Dominic Obry - Managing Director

First County Monitoring

Discover how Calipsa and Sentinel have helped First County Monitoring to achieve a 70-80% reduction in false alarms to their alarm receiving centre.
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“Everything about working with Calipsa has been very good and they have really helped our business.” Simon Mackenzie - Technical Communication Director

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