Bio Surveillance

Face recognition is one of the least invasive biometrics, since data is captured effortlessly and generally involves no user interaction. Herta’s video surveillance solution, BioSurveillance, detects multiple faces in real-time, incorporates on-the-fly video enrolment, identifies previously trained individuals, and facilitates run-time management of alarms and individuals.

  • BioSurveillance uses video surveillance cameras to recognise the faces of blacklisted people.
  • BioSurveillance yields excellent performance with partial occlusions of the face, glasses, scarfs, caps, changes of facial expression, shadows, high contrasts and extreme or poor lighting conditions, and on moderate rotations of the face.
  • BioSurveillance works on the move and at a distance, and does not require end-user collaboration.
  • Individuals can be enrolled in the system through a photograph as well as using real time or recorded video.

BioSurveillance is the right solution to increase security in crowded environments such as airports, train or metro stations, shopping malls, sports stadiums, or urban centres.


  • Analyses multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Fully automatic and non-invasive technology
  • Works properly on changes of facial expression, illumination, beard, eyeglasses, scarfs and caps
  • Subjects can be enrolled from one or more photos or video
  • Integration API available
  • Perfect solution for crowded environments such as airports, metro stations, shopping malls, stadiums, etc

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