The Outdoor Mounting Kit  is designed for mounting the Outdoor MotionViewer in a variety of configurations (flat surfaces, angles/corners, and poles), giving you the freedom to provide outdoor detection and protection in any setting.

  • Length: 4¾" or 2¾" (without 2" extension rod, not recommended for mounting on flat surfaces)
  • Fully adjustable: 190° tilt, 360° rotation
  • Modular system: mounting plate, rod and swivel head screw togetherBendable mounting plate with several holes and slots to facilitate mounting on flat surfaces, angles/corners, and poles (by fastening the mounting plate with band clamps or ties)
  • 2" extension rod
  • Swivel head with hand lock
  • Hex wrench with hex button head screw for alternative to hand lock
  • Installation sheet 



The Battery Eliminator is an alternative power option that replaces all batteries for the Indoor MotionViewer, Outdoor MotionViewer and the following devices:

  • XMB, WMB, IMD and Badge Reader. Swap out an existing, wired PIR motion sensor with an Indoor MotionViewer and power it with the existing 12V power supply
  • Will be useful for high intensity/activity applications where MotionViewers would be constantly tripping and sending video alarms (thus running down battery life quickly)
  • Save on battery costs
  • Will also work in other Videofied peripheral devices

OMNI Antenna KIT

The external RF antenna connects to a Videofied control panel and is designed to extend the RF range between the control panel and peripheral devices. External RF antennas should be used only for residential and small commercial applications with heavier RF signal interference (from metal, earth, concrete) and where an indoor XT Control Panel is desired.  The RF Antenna Kit includes:

  • Omnidirectional RF antenna with mounting hardware
  • Coax cable (choose length: 10' or 20')
  • MMCX to N-Female Bulkhead Pigtail


The directional, external cellular Yagi antenna is designed to deliver cell coverage for remote applications such as telecom towers, ranches, oil fields, cabins, substations, agricultural assets, and solar panels. External cell antennas should be used only only for applications with weak or obstructed (by metal, concrete or earth) cell coverage and where an indoor XT Control Panel is desired.  The Cellular Antenna Kit includes:

  • Cellular Yagi antena with mounting hardware
  • Coax cable (choose length: 10' or 20')
  • MMCX to N-Female Bulkhead Pigtail



Adding the WWB100 Wi-Fi Board to a W Series control panel  will allow it to communicate over Wi-Fi to the customer router, especially helpful for a Videofied system that is piggybacking onto an existing alarm system and where an Ethernet cable isn't readily available. The Wi-Fi board will be necessary for residential installations where the customer router does not have any Ethernet ports.

  • Simple one-screw attachment to the W panel motherboard
  • WPS compatible
  • 2.4 GHz 
  • 802.11 B/G/N
  • Enter the Wi-Fi information manually via a Videofied alpha keypad or automatically using the W panel's COM button


The WIO100 Input/Output (I/O) Board adds 1 arming/programmable input and 2 programmable outputs to a W Series control panel, allowing for video verification upgrades to existing alarm systems (using the programmable input) as well as the integration of third-party, wired input devices (panic buttons, temperature sensors, door contacts, glass breaks, gas detectors, etc.) and output devices (flashing lights, gates, smoke equipment, etc.). 

  • Simple one-screw attachment to the W panel motherboard
  • End of line supervision
  • Mapping ability: set up the system to have a MotionViewer take a short video clip when a programmable input is triggered 


The WIS100 Wired Siren is an optional add-on for a W Series control panel and can serve as an alternative to the Wireless Siren. The WIS100 siren can be attached to the W panel using a plastic joint or detached from the panel and mounted in a different location (maximum wire length: 49 ft.)

  • Dual tamper detection for wall and cover tamper
  • 100 dB output at 3 ft. (3-15 minutes)
  • Provides a chime for the IDC Door/Window Contact
  • Can be remotely activated by the central station even when the system is programmed to be silent
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