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Video Alarm Technologies is an Certified Soultions Provider (CSP) of the March Networks Solutions

March Networks are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with regional offices worldwide and sales teams on every continent. Our heritage in networked video, coupled with our strong focus on quality and reliability, has allowed us to maintain our position as an industry leader in the video surveillance market.

With regular investments in R&D, and continual innovation, we’re constantly evolving our portfolio to provide you with complete, well-integrated video solutions to help you better run your business.

As a global leader in video-based business intelligence, March Networks' powerful combination of video, data and analytics, helps businesses to safeguard their assets, reduce fraud and liability and enhance safety while also gathering valuable business insights.

As a leading provider of IP video software and systems, we work with distributors, certified partners and customers worldwide to transform video into usable business intelligence. We give them the tools they need to enhance security, mitigate risk, and reduce losses from theft and fraud. We then deliver on the true power of video with integrated applications that let them see what’s happening in their organization, and make informed decisions to improve performance and profitability.

Our practical approach to innovation always starts with a fundamental question, “What business problems are our customers trying to solve?” The result is forward-thinking products and solutions that help organizations leverage their video for success – now and in the future.

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