False Alarm Filtering Platform

False Alarm Filtering Platform

Product highlights

Videofied clients benefit

With a 65-70 per cent reduction in false alarms when connected to Calipsa’s deep learning analytics, which allows Videofied clients to offer an even higher standard of monitoring and security to their customers.
100% cloud-based with no hardware required

Unlike traditional video analytics software, Calipsa requires zero new hardware.
Connect Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform to your existing cameras directly or via an NVR/DVR, from anywhere in the world.
Powered by deep learning AI technology
All it takes is motion to be detected for alarms to be sent to the Calipsa platform, where deep learning algorithms will process each alarm to determine the cause.
If an alarm is caused by human or vehicle motion it will be forwarded as true - all other alarms will be filtered out.
Highlights the cause of a true alarm
Calipsa is on a mission to detect and prevent crime.
The False Alarm Filtering Platform is designed with this in mind.
Calipsa’s video analytics algorithms add a visual highlight to true alarms, saving time and increasing the efficiency of the human verification process.
Works with your existing monitoring infrastructure
Integrate Calipsa seamlessly into your existing monitoring operation.
Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Platform is compatible with leading alarm receiving software, including Sentinel, Immix and Webeye, adding a critical layer of video analytics to enhance monitoring efficiency.

Calipsa for monitoring stations

With Calipsa on hand to remove up to 90% of the false alarms received from CCTV sites, monitoring stations can improve operator efficiency, respond quicker to genuine threats and effectively scale their business.



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